Communication of Benefits Program

All employees will gain information regarding benefits through an initial orientation, the handbook, benefit booklets, and access to more detailed benefit documents when requested.  Management will be available to answer questions and to assist employees on benefit matters.

Altitude reserves the right to change and eliminate any benefit at their sole discretion with or without notice.  Changes in employee benefit programs, if any, will be communicated in one or more of the following ways:

  1. An official written announcement from the company President.

  2. Posting of notices at appropriate locations.

  3. Publication of updated benefit booklets.

  4. Publication of a revised Employee Handbook.

  5. Discussion of major changes at employee meetings.

  6. Description and discussion of all benefits changes at management meeting.

This section is intended to provide a general overview of the benefits available to eligible employees of Altitude.  Some of these benefits are governed by State and/of Federal Law, while others are governed by legally binding contracts between the company and a benefit provider.  If there is any difference between a benefit as outlined in this section and the provisions of an applicable law or contract, the law and/or contract will prevail.