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PT During a Pandemic

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

This year as we celebrate the 30th Annual National Physical Therapy Month, we celebrate movement and the importance of being able to move in our lives.

In reflection of the past years during COVID, we saw how the lack of movement affected not only our patients' bodies, but also overall personal wellness. We remember the early days of lockdown, when patients tentatively came to us in pain, isolated, and alone. People were working from home, and many were separated from the support of family and friends. Sometimes, we were the only other personal connection a patient would have in an entire week, and it was hard for us to be disconnected from our own teammates and colleagues, while fearing what we might bring home from the clinic or pass to other patients.

But we persisted. We were there to help people whose lives were irrevocably changed. Some were learning to cope with pain from canceled surgeries and procedures. Others were relearning how to climb stairs while tethered to oxygen tanks after running marathons just a year before.

We were also there to help strengthen grandparents who had new grandbabies to hold. We were there to help kids get back to sports they had not played since they were 4 inches shorter. We were there to help people recover from home DIY project injuries, fix postural pain from working on tiny laptops at kitchen tables, and get strong again after gaining all of that extra sourdough weight.

As physical therapists, we are always here when you are in pain, when you need to walk, run, bend, lift, and play.

We are here when you want to live and move well.

And we will continue to be here for whichever changes life holds in store for you.

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