Policy and Procedure Manual

All of us at Altitude Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine are pleased to welcome you into our family of therapeutic professionals.

Each employee at Altitude performs a job function critical to the success of our company.  We will work very hard to make sure you have all that you require in training and tools to perform at an excellent level.  In return, we expect no less than 100% of your energy and dedication.  However, it is important that all employees realize that a hire Altitude does not guarantee any length of employment to an employee, and that the company (Altitude) has the right to terminate employment at any time with or without cause.  Conversely, all employees have the right to resign at any time with or without cause.

Please take the time to carefully read this handbook, your job description and any other materials distributed to you at hire.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have now or in the future.

We hope that you find this handbook to be helpful in understanding our policies and procedures.  This handbook is designed for quick reference and general information.  It is not intended to provide, in detail, all policies or to be inclusive of all company policies, regulations, and procedures contained within this handbook, as you will be asked to acknowledge your receipt and understanding of this material.

This handbook is not an employment contract, but rather an explanation of the employee and company policies and procedures, safety programs presently in effect.  Should you have any questions concerning any information, procedure or practice described herein, please direct them to your supervisor.  As updates, corrections, additions, deletions, etc. become necessary, you will be notified.

Closing remarks

The success of Altitude depends on developing the skill and knowledge of each employee to meet ever-expanding challenges.  You are encouraged to take individual responsibility to improve performance of your present duties and to grow in your assigned job.  Advancement depends on your desire, capabilities, individual performance and needs of the company.  The future belongs to those who plan and prepare themselves.  We at Altitude feel that our future, as well as yours, is in your hands.  How well you accept the challenge and responsibility is up to you.