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Healthy shoulders for climbers

What are some of the common causes for shoulder injuries in climbers?

With the growing popularity of climbing, both indoors and out, there are a growing number individuals developing overuse injuries associated with this activity. As many front range climbers know all too well, training has become a huge part of this once fringe activity. With the popularity of climbing gyms, newer climbers are getting stronger and progressing faster. In addition, many weekend warriors are now training multiple days in the gym in addition to their outdoor climbing. This quick progression and increased volume of climbing can lead to many overuse injuries.

One of the most common overuse injuries I’ve seen amongst climbers is shoulder impingement. So what is shoulder impingement? In simple terms, shoulder impingement is a condition that occurs when the bone of the upper arm, the humerus, compresses the rotator cuff against the top of the shoulder blade, at the acromion process. This condition is termed subacromial impingement. With repetitive overhead motions, this compression creates irritation and inflammation in the muscle being compressed leading to pain, loss of function, and possible tearing of the muscle if left untreated.

Common symptoms o