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Respect the healing process

There's a term we use in physical therapy called "respect the healing process." I've decided to shed a little more light on what we mean by this. Ultimately, the body is supposed to go through certain processes after an injury. These phases are inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. Each phase has its frustration with respect to our patients. Contrary to popular belief, physical therapy will not make any of these phases go FASTER.

The inflammation phase is the immediate response to an injury. It is the swelling and the PAIN! Physical therapy works to help manage this phase through soft tissue work, light joint mobilizations, TENS units, exercise for facilitation and activation of surrounding musculature, gradual return of range of motion and more. The goal of getting into physical therapy this early is so that we can be prepared to move into the next phase: proliferation.

The proliferation phase is when most of the scar tissue will form. Scar tissue is a key component to healing. Whatever tissue we injured NEEDS scar tissue to heal. It reinforces the injured tissue. During this phase, physical therapy targets progressive loading of muscle and tendon structures through exercise. These techniques coupled with hands on work will help reduce excessive scar tissue formation. These treatments help prepare us for the last phase: remodeling.

The remodeling phase is when we restructure the scar tissue to align appropriately with the component it is trying to